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GIC-Bhutan Reinsurance Company Ltd.

Reinsurance with Professionalism, Trust & Reliability

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Director (GIC Re)

Sri Deepak Prasad is a Non-Executive Director from GIC Re of our company and he is a Direct Recruit Officer of 1984 batch. He has worked in various capacities at The New India Assurance Co Ltd. He was transferred from New India Assurance Company Ltd in the year 2012 and promoted as Dy General Manager. He worked in the following departments for the various period of times:

Human Resources, Office Services Department, Legal, Training, Information Technology, International Operations, Property (Both Domestic & Foreign) Retro (Inwards & outwards)

He was posted to GIC Re South Africa Ltd (the wholly owned subsidiary of GIC Re) between April 2016 to March 2018 as MD & CEO, When the company saw an all-round development during the two years.

He was promoted and posted as General Manager of our Corporation on his return from GIC Re South Africa in April 2018

He holds a bachelors’ degree in geology from Ranchi University.

He now supervises the departments of Non-Marie (Foreign) including RIWW, Office Services Department & Corporate Social Responsibility, ITMG, Business Expansion, Intops, Mergers & Acquisition, Marketing, Protection Section (Property).

Director (Promoters)

Dasho Sangay Wangchuk is a Non-Executive Director from the promotors of our orginazation.


Aum Damchae Dem is the Current Chairman of our Organization.